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I. Summarize the view(s) in the following passage (around 300 words) and then write a commentary (around 500 words) (70 points)

I appreciate the arts, I love film, TV, music and books like most people, I enjoy the occasional trip to the theatre or art gallery and I am in awe of the skill of the world’s greatest athletes. Although I have an appreciation from these arts and gain enjoyment from them on the whole I detest what they have collectively become. It’s long since gone beyond providing entertainment and has evolved into a business that we call the “entertainment industry”. The face of this industry is a mosaic of aesthetically pleasing masks covering a collectively ignorant mind controlled only by financial gain and the ultimate social status of “celebrity”.

In the western world it now seems that the status of “celebrity” has became akin to that of the God status. We look to these people with their plastic faces and hollow minds that are motivated by greed as role models, a task they are neither suitable for nor capable of. This status of theirs is promoted by a media that has long since given up on reporting real news in favour of religiously following the lives of celebrities. The more media attention they get the more attention is drawn away from the real issues that we should really be concerning ourselves with.

This role model responsibility that society has placed upon the celebrity status has either been ignored by the celebrities or abused. Celebrities are the worst possible role model for any society, especially the young who look up to them with such admiration. Celebrities glamorise sex, abuse drugs, degrade women, promote ignorance and ultimately of all the people in society, they are not fit for purpose.

It appears that celebrities actively sexualise themselves like high—end prostitutes, this is intimated by those in society who are infatuated with the cult of celebrity. As a result society has become increasingly shallow, the measure of man is no longer his morals but his appearance, and as a result morality has lost its place in society in favour of casual sex, and other morally deprived actions advocated by the celebrity.

The celebrity cult has also once again reduced the status of women in society who are overtly objectified by both sexes in the celebrity world. Whether it be a rapper boosting about his sexual exploits with his “bitch” or a female singer selling her albums not by her voice but by parading herself half naked all over TV, this has become inter-wound into our every day life and it is now accepted that women are objects of sex.

It seems the term “‘n-word’” has made it back into society this time through popular music. Although it still conjures up images of 1960’s American racism and slavery it is tolerated even by those who it should offend most. Narcotics use has become another decedent pastime glorified by the celebrities who excuse themselves through the biased and ignorant press. Then we have the violence portrayed in movies, music and video games in such a wav that it appears almost fashionable to shoot one’s fellow man or bash his head in with a bat.

It sickens me to know that Footballers can earn £90, 000 per week and have the respect of thousands while a front. Line solider fighting in Afghanistan might be on less than £20, 000 per year, yet the latter is doing a significantly more important job than any footballer ever will but nobody knows his name or sacrifice.

I have noticed this get progressively worse over the years, I fail to see why it is that society is fascinated by a group of people who are motivated by selfish desires and greed. It only seems appropriate on ATS to suggest that this may be caused by some type of mass brain washing or a symptom of the NWO’s plans, however I do not think this is true. Rather I think that it is just a symptom of the nature of man we always seem to want more and are for the most incapable of a humble status. Greed is what is fuelling this ultimately evil and corrupt culture that we have developed.

The celebrities want to get rich by flaunting their mediocre talent and beautiful yet plastic faces. Their producers, agents, directors and just about everyone else in this entertainment industry want to get rich by prostituting the celebrities. The ignorant masses who follow them seek similar riches and so they imitate the celebrates in everything they do in attempt to find similar riches because they, like most of men, are inherently greedy and lazy. Becoming a celebrity by going on a 12 talent competition is a much easier and lazier way to achieve riches, without having to go through the challenge of working through a university course or career ladder. These people who worship these celebrities as a collective omnipotent being are fundamentally greedy and lazy.

Celebrities do make some contribution to a society in helping to shame our culture, however it is my opinion that doctors, religious leaders, troops, scientists and so on make a much more significant contribution to our communities and should therefore be respected and paid in the same way as celebrities. Celebrity culture has created a society where the ignorant and selfish are leading and breading the selfish and ignorant...



Though I appreciate the art and artistic activities, I detest the “entertainment industry” they have now become, for this industry is hypothetical and produces the so-called “celebrity”.

In the western world, the status of “celebrity” has become similar to that of the God status as role models and they don’t deserve such status. This is attributed to the media, who give up reporting the real issues. Celebrities are the worst possible role model for any society for they ignore or abuse their role model responsibility and they are not fit for purpose. Celebrities have also had bad influence on the society and those who admire the celebrities because of the morally deprived actions advocated by the celebrity. The celebrity cult has also once again reduced the status of women in society and women become objects of sex due to the images of female celebrity on the screen. Popular music has brought back to society the ‘n-word’ which arouses the racial discrimination and celebrities have made public drug abuse and violence through movies or report of their personal lives by the biased and ignorant press. Footballers appearing on the screen can earn much more than the frontline soldier, whose job is of greater importance and at the cost of their lives.

This situation gets progressively worse over the years and greed is what is fuelling this ultimately evil and corrupt culture. The celebrities are greedy and lazy when seeking riches, while these people who worship these celebrities are as greedy and lazy.

Celebrity culture has created a society where the ignorant and selfish are leading and breading the selfish and ignorant. Other respectful profession, which have contributed more to society should be much more respected and get better paid.


Celebrities, as public figures, have great influence on people’s lives, the lives of young people in particular. And in this world with increasingly explosive information and free access to it, these celebrities would take a even greater role in our lives, representing not only what they should be in their works on screen, but also their real values and ideas.

These celebrities or stars can play positive role in the audience’s lives, only when they observe their professional ethics and behave ethically on screen. If they do so, they can not only bring to the audience meaningful and interesting works to enjoy and entertain with, but also guide the audience with right moral standards and encourage the audience to do what they should do rather than what they want to. In this process, all personnel, including the actor or actress, director, screenwriter, producer and etc. in the entertainment industry are very important. They must behave in accordance with their professional ethics and produce works to educate, to move or to entertain the audience.

But celebrities, if involved in negative or immoral things, will exert bad influence on audiences, especially their fans, who admires them not only because who they are in certain works, but also because who they really are. And some extremist fans may even justify the wrong deeds of their idols, which is utterly destructive. And in modern world, it seems that scandals or gossips always accompany the celebrities; things like drug abuse and involvement in sexual scandal seem quite common.

Fortunately, in China, celebrities are not that high-profile, arrogant and privileged. They have to behave, at least in public, and stay away from immoral things or scandals, for Chinese audiences, as a relatively rational group, would despise those immoral ones and make them lose face or even fame. In this information age in particular, when everyone has access to postering pictures or videos and with the rapid spreading and exchange of information, a wrong doing may cost the celebrity large amounts of fans or potential fans and his moral reputation as well as the public trust on him. And the media is also relatively harsh on the celebrities, who are often watched by the media for any big news. And scandals seems always win over good news. So in China, celebrities need to be quite careful about their personal life. So in general, Chinese celebrities, though not completely immune from scandals, are relatively trustworthy.

Anyway, we should look at the celebrities in a reasonable way. Actually, they may seem brilliant on screen, but after all, they are just as ordinary people as us behind the screen. It is just that they choose a different job from us at the cost of their privacy and taking an uneven way to become famous from nobody. And as long as they become somebody, they have their responsibility to shoulder in the society. So appreciate but not be over crazy about celebrities and the best thing to do is to grow with your idol and enjoy your colorful life.


第一章 文稿格式

. 安排

1. 页面布置



2. 题目


(2)题目中首尾词的首字母应大写,中间词除冠词、并列连词(and, or, but, nor, for)、介词和不定式的to外也须大写。例如:

My First Visit to the Palace Museum

The People without a Country

What Can the Artist Do in the World of Today?

What reform means to China

The Myth of a “Negro Literature”


a. 题目后不加句号。

b. 若题目为疑问句,应加问号;若是间接引语形式的疑问句,则不加问号。

c. 题目中引用的部分应加引号。

d. 书名须在下面划线或用斜体标明。

3. 缩进


4. 页码


5. 标点




. 大写


1. 句子开头



He said, “My trip to Mountain Tai was interesting but tiring.”


“My trip to Mountain Tai,” he said, “was interesting but tiring.”

2. 标题中的实义词

题目中首尾词的首字母应大写,中间词除冠词、并列连词(and, or, but, nor, for)、介词和不定式的to外也须大写。

3. 专有名词



a famous university—Peking University

a broad street—Chang’an Street

a large lake—Lake Erie






mackintosh(由苏格兰化学家Charles Macintosh的名字变来)

. 移行


1. 基本原则


2. 注意事项

(1)单音节词,如through, march, brain, pushed, 不能分开。









. 标点


1. 结构完整的句子不论长短,后面都要打句号。

2. 不要用逗号连接两个并列从句;应用逗号加连词,或用分号。

3. 逗号和句号要分清:逗号带个小尾巴(,);句号是个黑圆点(.),不是圆圈(。)。

4. 疑问句后用问号,但在改为间接引语的问句后不用问号:

“Have you done your exercise?” the teacher asked.

The teacher asked whether we had done our exercises.

5. 感叹号只用在需要强调的感叹句或表达强烈情感的词语后面。不要用得太多。


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